Come try us out! Your first class is FREE!

BARRE: Dance and Pilates inspired workout creating long lean “dancer like” bodies. Barre is a hip new format that has gained popularity across the globe with women for it’s fast toning and tightening results. No previous dance experience is required! Just bring your sticky socks with you and get ready to sweat and tone during this hour long class!

ZUMBA: A latin inspired workout that “moves you”. Burn MAD calories while you dance your way through an hour of exercise. The moves are easy to follow and the music is so fun you’ll forget your even working out! 

ZUMBA KIDS/TEENS: Same type of class as the traditional Zumba class, only it’s geared to keep kids happy, moving, and having fun! The moves are even easier to follow and the music is so fun! Teach your children that working out and challenging your body CAN be enjoyable! We will also be teaching the kids basic dance moves and the importance of staying healthy and strong. This class is held once a week for $35/month. Keep your kids busy and moving this summer with Zumba Kids! Drop in rates available for $10/class.

BOOTCAMP: An intense HIIT type workout that combines weights with plyometric type movements. Similar to cross-fit type workouts only….YOU WON’T GET INJURED!

KICK:  A cardio class jam packed with energy, fun music and ninja like moves. It’s been scientifically proven to tone muscles AND burn calories together! Think of it as a 2 for 1 class during this hour long cardio class. This is Amy’s personal favorite! Let’s see if you can uppercut like she can!