Lone Peak Fitness will change your life.

We aren’t big.  We aren’t easy.  We aren’t boring.

But we will change your life!

Come to Lone Peak Fitness and you WILL see results!



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Testimonial“Amy you are amazing! You make working out fun. I always want to come to your classes just so we can hang out! I am sore after every class and love the energy you bring to the workouts. And I love your rapping and singing along to the tunes! LOL! Basically I’m obsessed with you and love you!”
– Molly 

testimonial3“I started attending Amy’s Boot Camp class when I was at an all time low. I had zero motivation or desire to workout or eat healthy. I reluctantly agreed when a friend invited me to come to Boot Camp. From day one I was hooked! I have never worked so hard, sweat so much while at the same time had so much fun! Amy’s love of fitness and empowering women is extremely contagious. Amy’s classes are full of high energy, entertainment and the best part is that that each workout is different, yet makes you sweat! My workouts became my girls night out and I loved every minute. I made lasting friendships, gained a love of working out and was able to get in the best shape of my life. Working out with Amy will change your life for the good!”
– Amy

testimonial2“Amy is such an amazing fitness instructor and friend! She encourages us to push hard and never give up! I love the fact that she can entertain us and make us laugh even when the lunges or push-ups are starting to hurt!! She teaches us to listen to our bodies and take less intense or more intense options! Super professional and super fun! Go to one of Amy’s classes and you’ll be hooked!  She really is the best!”
– Sam

testimonial4My belief is the more you enjoy the work out, the more you lose. And Amy is literally the best at that. She is super friendly, upbeat and you can’t help but get caught up with her infectious attitude!

She will have you sweating and shaking and at the end of the class going whoah was that really an hour? My kind of workout, I’m so excited she opened her own studio!”

– Nicole


Amy Sanders
Amy SandersFitness Expert
Don’t let the smile fool you! If there’s one word of warning, NEVER let her know you’re hurting. She’ll smile and push you harder!